An Important Issue In Finding An Apartment

If you are planning on moving into a new apartment in the near future, you might be thinking about a lot of criteria that your dream apartment should meet. If you are writing a list with all these conditions, you might want to add security and maintenance to it. Many people who have rented apartments in Gastonia NC come to the conclusion that they should have asked their landlords some more questions about these issues as they are very rarely discussed before signing a lease

When you are thinking of moving into an apartment, you might want to check crime information in your vicinity.  You can ask your landlord or some friends about how safe it is to live in the neighborhood you want to move in. You might also check safety of the building. It is safer that there is a pass code or key to the main entrance of the building so that you can control who gets in. You might also think about changing the door lock. After all, you can’t know who lived there before and who has a key to your apartment. Maybe you should also check the window locks. And if you don’t have a peephole, you should ask for one on your door so that you can see who stands at your door. Another important aspect is lighting. The peephole may be completely functional if there is no or very bad lighting in the hallway. Street lighting is also important, especially if you have to walk in the neighborhood at night. How about visiting your dream apartment at night? Would you be comfortable walking through the streets and on the hallway alone at night? If not, you might want to reconsider moving there.

Let’s say you rent a large apartment with all the facilities you can dream of like Jacuzzi, washing machine, sauna. But what if a serious drainage problem shows up? If the landlord is not willing to fix the problem in time, or if he always postpones repairs, then you might never be able to enjoy all these facilities. So, go ahead and ask the landlord if maintenance issues are fixed in time, before they become serious. How fast are repairing requests handled? Is there a superintendent who lives in the building and can be called if needed? You might also check or ask if the electric circuit is well maintained. Asking all these questions and all the others that come to your mind can save you from a lot of stress and inconvenience. And if the landlord does not want to answer them, you can ask the tenants. If they aren’t pleased with the maintenance, they will tell you about it for sure.

So if you haven’t signed the lease yet, you might want to pay one more visit to your future landlord and ask all these questions. It’s better this way than being sorry afterwards about living in an unsafe zone or building or fuming because the toilet is out of order again.